Sew you want to know about this everyday girl ?

How ya goin'? I'm Romy-Krystal. I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. I'm married to my best friend Jason, and we have two little humans -- Northern and Aurora. We all have a lot of energy, so we're always busy doing something; for me, that's sewing and crafting. 


I started sewing 5 years ago when the current fashion trends just didn't suit me. I love lots of colours, patterns and longer lengths. I'm completely self-taught thanks to my love/hate relationship with Google and Youtube. 


My husband is the reason I have this little place on the internet and my instagram account. So it's all his fault. Haha. Once upon a time I was a data analyst in Marketing until I had my kiddies. Now I do this while living in the good old U S of A. 


When I first started, I didn't know how to thread a machine or even read a sewing pattern. Now I can put in an invisible zipper and make a coat from a quilt! So where ever you are with your sewing journey, or if you just love colour and are here for the ride, welcome and please stay a while.