A Mid-summer Night Dream Dress

Presenting my gorgeous summer dress using the most amazing fabric gifted from Minerva in the amazing Fringe Dress from Chalk and Notch.

I love a good play on words even though I'm not good at them myself. Trust me I'm terrible with puns, sayings and and general play on words. It's not my thing so you gotta give it to me with this one. Now that we have that out of the way, let's talk about this dress. This absolutely, incredible, luxurious, cotton sateen fabric is none other than a John Kaldor fabric. I was generously gifted this stunning piece from Minerva. It can be found here. I knew as soon as I got this that it needed to be paired with the Fringe dress from Chalk and Notch but with a twist.

What detail does this girl love? You guessed it. Ruffles. So I did just that, added in ruffles to the sleeves and the bottom hem. This button down version of the fringe dress has a tutorial up on the Chalk and Notch page, so head there for the details. However, for more details, I wrote a blog post for Minerva that should be up shortly. For now, it's time for pictures! Enjoy!