Pink Lemonade: A refreshing hit of neon to top off Summer.

A brief explanation on my favourite shorts at the moment, from a brilliant hack by an amazing sewing friend!

This post will probably be very brief because I just really wanted to show off my new Arthur shorts from Sew Liberated. I call them my ‘pink lemonades.‘ Cute right? Anywho, I had the privilege of testing this amazing pattern with my bestest friend Emily. Super fun because we hadn’t tested a pattern together up until this point! However, Emily went ahead and was a complete star and came up with two hacks for the Arthur Pant pattern. The first being to shorten the pattern to shorts, which is what I’ve done with mine below. The second, to omit side seams, widen the front pieces and use pockets from Birgitta Helmersson’s Zero Waste Dress. All equaling up to an amazing hack. I don’t know the details so this will be short, but I am telling you to go check out @emilynatsai on the grid to get all the deets.

What I can tell you about the shortening hack is that I followed the Arthur Pant instructions exactly, I just merely cut a few inches above the length/shorten line to make shorts. That’s it people. Who doesn’t love minimal effort for fantastic results? Again, all thanks to Emily. Thank you Emily. Thank you for my amazing shorts that I will no doubt put a hole in the crotch from copious amounts of wear. Now without further ado, le pics: